Pollino traditional products

You can taste some of the traditional products of the Pollino area

  • The traditional and ancient Calabrian cuisine offers a wide range of dishes and products typical of the region. Here is a list of products and delicacies from the Calabrian and Lucan culinary tradition.
  • Crispy peppers (I pipi cruschi) among the most appreciated delicacies of the tradition, is a comfit traditionally stored for the coldest months of the year: peppers are skilfully placed side by side and then connected by a cotton wire to form a necklace that will be left drying in the sun. Once dried, peppers are fried in olive oil so to get crispy. They taste so good that it’s impossible to stop eating them. Crispy peppers could be also served with boiled potatoes, cooked with cod or added to stir fried vegetables.
  • Typical of the Basilicata region, Moliterno cheese is made from milk of sheep and goats raised in the wild. You can taste it fresh or seasoned or simply grated on dishes from the local tradition.
  • The Calabrian soppressata
 (“suppizzata” or “suprissata” in Calabrian dialect) is a DOP labelled product (designation of protected origin) made from pork meat cut into pieces and flavoured with fennel seeds, black pepper and chilli pepper.

On request you can taste some of the traditional products of the Pollino area

while enjoying a glass of wine by our fireplace or savour some typical simple dishes from our tradition accompanied by vegetables from our kitchen garden.

Our locally produced cuisine (zero cm)

Our locally produced products. The Casino di Donna Maria is surrounded by fruit tress like cherry-trees, fig-trees, peer-trees, apple-trees, plum-trees and by a kitchen garden where vegetables and legumes are tenderly farmed by our friend Peppino.



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