Pollino Park Cultural itineraries and destinations

Main routes and destinations of the National Park.

The Pollino Park offers a large variety of cultural routes and destinations.

Here is a list of some of the itineraries to explore:

  • A few kilometres away from our countryside you can find one of the most impressive European archaeological site from the Palaeolithic Era that boasts one of the most ancient examples of prehistoric art in Italy inside the Grotta del romito (a cave) and Papasidero.Once in the cave you can admire the Bos Primigenius, a graffiti representing two bovids, and some remains of an ancient tomb more than 10.000 years-old.
  • Morano Calabro, also known as “paese presepe” for its resemblance to the nativity landscape, is one of the most beautiful Italian medieval villages with its charming alleys and the innumerable historical and religious estates acknowledged for their extraordinary beauty.
  • A few kilometres away from Morano you can discover Civita, among the best preserved Calabria people sites and its characteristic Case Kodra.
  • The Museo Etnico Arbëreshche displays artefacts witnessing the tradition of the arbëresh culture. Civita is one of the most remarkable tourist attractions of the area for its Ponte del Diavolo, (Devil Bridge) a daring Roman work of engineering overlooking the majestic gorges of Raganello.
  • Ten minutes by car from Civita the Museo delle Icone della tradizione Bizantina (Byzantine icons museum), a permanent exhibition of Byzantine  artistic iconography) is worth a visit.



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