Pollino Park Cultural itineraries and destinations

Main routes and destinations of the National Park. The Pollino Park offers a large variety of cultural routes and destinations. Here is a list of some of the itineraries to explore: A few kilometres away from our countryside you can … Read More

Pollino traditional products

You can taste some of the traditional products of the Pollino area The traditional and ancient Calabrian cuisine offers a wide range of dishes and products typical of the region. Here is a list of products and delicacies from the … Read More

parco ddel pollino panorama

What to do and see in the Pollino Park

What to do and see in the Pollino Park natural reserve. Located halfway between Calabria and Basilicata, the National Park of the Pollino, with its 192.000 hectares, it’s the largest Italian natural reserve. Away from restless urban centres, this uncontaminated … Read More